Khabib Still Trashing Artem Lobov: ‘You acted like a woman, until Conor came’

Following the fracas that took place inside the Barclays Center on Thursday, April 5, newly crowned UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is still talking trash to SBG Ireland’s Artem Lobov.

Former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor and a large entourage of the fighter’s people allegedly attacked a bus on Thursday filled with fighters set to compete at UFC 223. Khabib Nurmagomedov was on the vehicle at the time and was reportedly the target of the attack.

While “The Eagle” was unscathed, many fighters suffered injuries from the fracas. Conor McGregor is now facing charges of assault and criminal mischief for the incident.

Nurmagomedov had a physical confrontation with McGregor’s teammate and friend Artem Lobov within a hotel days before the fracas. Nurmagomedov reportedly slapped the fighter, leading to McGregor’s retaliation at the Barclays Center.

Speaking to the documentarian behind Anatomy of a Fighter following the fracas, Nurmagomedov began once again trash talking Artem Lobov.

“Yesterday I give you slap.” Nurmagomedov said.” Artem, I give you slap. You hit this like woman, like baby. What happened now? Something change? Or were you with 30 people? Let me know and that’s it.”

“For you, this one for Conor, like this.” Nurmagomedov then demonstrated slapping motions.

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