You Won’t Believe What The “CM” In CM Punk Actually Stands For

Phil Brooks, better known by his professional wrestling moniker CM Punk, made a name for himself among the superstars of the WWE. While many may believe that the pro-wrestler’s popular nickname derived from his time with the promotional titan, Brooks actually picked up his CM Punk moniker many years before.

Brooks entered the world of professional wrestling in the mid 1990’s, earning a spot in the backyard wrestling promotion known as the Lunatic Wrestling Federation. The budding pro-wrestler began using the moniker CM Punk after becoming part of a tag team called the “The Chick Magnets.”

“Chick Magnet” Punk is now set to make his big octagon return as he will be facing off against Mike Jackson at UFC 225. The highly anticipated live pay-per-view event will take place June 9 inside the United Center in Brooks’ hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

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