And Out Of Nowhere, Jon Jones Just Put D.C. On Absolute Blast… Again

Jon Jones has been quite active on social media as of late. Now the fighter has decided to take to Twitter to offer another critical message on his longtime rival and reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones earned a unanimous decision victory over Cormier in their first outing, making for the only loss on Cormier’s professional record. The two rematched at UFC 214, with Jones earning a knockout victory.

However, the win was short lived. After being flagged for a failed drug test, Jones was once again stripped of his title and the knockout victory over overturned to a no contest.

Taking to Twitter, one fight fan decided to ask Jones if his rivalry with Cormier was still heated.

“Here’s one for you Jones. Is The beef still as fierce as it once was between you and DC? @JonnyBones”

Jon Jones was quick to reply.

“Probably when he dreams at night, not so much for me these days”

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