Ariel Helwani Reveals Details Of Text Convo With UFC Executive’s True Feelings On Bellator MMA

Dana White antagonist Ariel Helwani has long been on the UFC bosses bad side.

After leaking fight announcements in the past, trumping the UFC’s own PR department with news scoops, Helwani has been on the wrong end of several Dana White rants.

At one point in time though, it was all good. Helwani was even cast as a reporter for UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1.

He was later fired from that position and forced to endure a life of twitter media rep and website podcast host for the remainder of his professional career though.

Now, in a new video, Helwani reveals more UFC insider information. The same type of stuff that got him on Dana’s bad side to begin with. This time Ariel says he was texting a UFC executive who turns out to be a big Bellator MMA hater.

In the video below Ariel starts out by stating, “So, someone from the UFC texted me and he was like, ‘I can’t believe you like this. I can’t believe this is entertainment to you.'”

Here’s a replay of Ariel’s full remarks on the topic: (Timestamped)

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