It’s On! Poirier vs. Alvarez II Is Set For UFC Calgary

Just one week shy of a year ago, Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier threw down at UFC 211 in Dallas.

After what many would consider a dominant opening to the fight for Poirier, quickly turned into an illegal knee from Alvarez that halted the action and resulted in a no-contest.

Poirier wanted an immediate rematch, but Alvarez would move on as a TUF coach.

Up until today Eddie Alvarez was non-committal about the rematch, but that all changed when he sent out a confirmation tweet that he agreed to the fight.

Initially, it was reported by ESPN that Poirier was no longer keen on the fight. However, after that brief hiccup, Poirier has agreed to the fight, and sent his own tweet out.

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