Joe Rogan Speak Out Against The UFC’s Problem With Judges

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan is often vocal with his thoughts concerning the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Now the color-commentator has come forward to offer a few words concerning the judging process for UFC bouts.

The word “robbery” is often thrown around by mixed martial arts fans. When two competitors end up going the distance in their match up, the decision of which fighter gets to walk away a winner is made by a panel of judges.

Decision victories can often be controversial, as fight fans at home often have different opinions as to which competitor won which rounds. Consequently, many fans have their own thoughts on how the process of judging fights could be improved.

Speaking on his highly popular podcast, Joe Rogan revealed that he is not happy with the way in which judging is completed inside the octagon.

“It’s just a disgrace that you have people that really don’t know anything about martial arts and they’re judging martial arts competitions.” Rogan said.

After calling it a disgrace, Rogan revealed that he would prefer a panel of ten judges to a panel of three judges. For the commentator’s full thoughts, check out the video above.

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