Just Days Removed From UFC Retirement, Vitor Belfort Spotted At Testosterone Clinic

Ever since the MMA world’s ban on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the poster boy for TRT Vitor Belfort has steadily declined over the years.

At the time of his use, Vitor was in the clear and abiding by the rules the various athletic commissions required. He was jacked to the gills though, and known throughout the world as TRT Vitor Belfort.

Sadly, Vitor declined both physically and professional when the ban took place, however now might be a new era.

Recently, in a photo posted by Vitor Belfort’s wife, Vitor is seen in an anti-aging clinic.

Vitor Belfort fought out his UFC contract last weekend in Rio. He suffered a first round knockout loss to Lyoto Machida in the night’s pay-per-view opener.

With that contract expiration and retirement, comes no more USADA testers. Which also comes the freedom to get back on the good stuff.

Now, we aren’t saying that Vitor is visiting this anti-aging doctor for TRT. Maybe he’s just an old friend of the doc, or maybe Vitor is there for another type of anti-aging therapy.

Anti-aging doctors are known for erectile dysfunction treatments like viagra, and anti-inflammatory injections in addition to Testosterone and other hormone replacement therapies like HGH, etc…

You can draw your own conclusion.

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