Mackenzie Dern Might Be The Most Disliked Female On The UFC Roster, And Tecia And Nina Just Went Off On Her

Women had a rough start in the world of MMA, and there’s still battles to overcome for the newest divisions in the UFC.

While many of the top UFC females are featured on the main card of pay-per-views, the majority are not, often left fighting and clawing their way towards respect, recognition, and proper notoriety.

Then you have a fighter like Mackenzie Dern, hyped to the moon before ever stepping foot inside the Octagon, and books a main pay-per-view slot in just her second UFC fight.

Dern though, let her fellow women down on Friday. She let the UFC down. And most importantly, she let herself down, when she missed weight by 8 pounds ahead of her debut on pay-per-view.

Now her fight against Cooper is marred, and many question her desire and discipline.

Many fighters, both male and female, have spoken out in disgust over Dern’s drastic misstep. And now two of the top women from her division, and the spouses to the UFC 224 main event fighters, Tecia Torres and Nina Ansaroff weigh in on the matter, and they don’t pull any punches.

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