Mackenzie Dern Releases Lengthy Public Apology For UFC 224 Events

Coming out of a crazy fight week, Mackenzie Dern managed to keep her unbeaten record intact after facing Amanda Cooper at Rio’s UFC 224 event.

Dern proved she was all the way legit by dropping Cooper in the opening frame with an over-hand right, then submitting her quickly on the ground while she was dazed.

Despite her continued dominance though, Dern missed weight by over 7 pounds for the bout, leaving an asterisk by this one for years to come.

Now, taking to her Instagram, Dern has issued the following public apology for the incident.

Check it out:

“I want to first thank Amanda @abcnation115 Cooper for taking the fight against me this Saturday at UFC224. How most of you know, I missed weight and thankfully, Amanda and the UFC allowed the fight to happen.

I know was unprofessional and I truley didn’t mean any disrespect to my opponent, organization or the fans.

I really learned a lot from this and I know this is just making me a better fighter/athlete for the future.

I appreciate all the messages and support from all of you and I can say that everything is already in the works with the help of the UFC to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

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