Mark Coleman Wants To Fight, Calls Out Fellow Legend Don Frye

Mark Coleman and Don Frye are two mixed martial arts legends. Both inductees of the UFC Hall of Fame, Frye and Coleman have each cultivated amazingly storied careers within the sport.

Mark Coleman, a 53-year-old veteran of MMA, was the inaugural UFC heavyweight champion. Don Frye would go on to form a stunning career in professional wrestling, as well as perform in some of the most memorable Pride fights of all time.

Now Coleman has decided to call out his 52-year-old fellow MMA legend to a fight. Check it out below:

“U know what @DonFryeFighter we’re both a bit beat up. So it’s even. I know how bad u want to fight we’re not in our prime,I respect u but fk let’s fight! I miss it u miss it.Old school no rules.I can take u down and I am the GODFATHER OF GNP. Head but the shit out of you! U there”

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