Michael Bisping Pretty Much Just Announced His Retirement

After losing his UFC middleweight world title to a returning Georges St-Pierre, Michael Bisping would agree to take on Kelvin Gastelum on short notice and lose again.

That was the last time “The Count” has fought, and now in a new statement on his own podcast Bisping says he’s pretty much done.

Check it out:

“Now, Gokhan Saki is at it, he has been calling me out. It’s weird, I was on the plane from Vegas this morning, sitting there looking at my Instagram. So he’s done this, Gokhan Saki I’m talking about, he’s done this series of stories on Instagram saying ‘I’ve asked my viewers who I should fight next, and they all said Bisping.’ And ‘Who would win in a fight? Six percent said Bisping would’ and blah, blah, blah. I wrote out quite a scathing response to him and I tried to send it but by this time I was in the air so I lost signal. Which is probably good, otherwise it would just start another beef with somebody that I have no intention of fighting, let’s be honest. I am retired, I haven’t made it official yet. But, I am probably retired. Of course, when I say probably that still gives me a window to come back. But I am probably retired.”

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