Nick Diaz Beats Up Man Badly In Violent Bar Fight

UFC superstar Nick Diaz has accrued quite the career. A mixed martial arts veteran, the Stockton native has faced off against some of the toughest and most talented fighters the sport has to offer.

This time around, a nightclub attendee made the decision they have what it takes to face the fighting phenom. Of course, they were brutally wrong.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Hollywood star and comedian Marlon Wayans discussed the time he was at a nightclub with Nick Diaz. A man attempted to start a confrontation with the fighter and things simply did not end well.

“I said to him and his brother, I’ve seen him one time outside a club. Some dude was about to fight them.”

“I said ‘Uh, brah, you f—king with the wrong dude.’ He goes ‘F—k that, bro! You don’t know me. I’m gonna f–k (him up)!’ I said ‘Hey. Look at his ear.’

“He said ‘No! You don’t know!’

“Nick grabbed his ass. Pop! Pop! Pop! Three elbows. Pop! Pop! Two knees. Fight was over, blood everywhere.

“I just tapped the dude and said, ‘I told yo’ ass.’”

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