Rizin: UFC Vet Daron Cruickshank Brutally Head Kick KO’s His Man, Then Flips Him The Bird

Daron Cruickshank is a mixed martial arts veteran. With experience inside the octagon, the fighter has taken on some of the sport’s toughest and most talented competitors during his time as a competitor.

With that in mind, Cruickshank put on a dominant performance over the weekend. This time around, the fighter earned a stunning knockout finish.

Rizin FF 10 went down in Fukuoka, Japan on Sunday, May 6. The fight card featured a series of exciting match ups for the Fukuoka crowd.

Among them, Daron Cruickshank went toe-to-toe with Shooto champion Koshi Matsumoto. Of course, the fight did not last too long.

Within the first round, Cruickshank managed to knock out his opponent with a dazzling head kick. After the strike, Cruickshank flipped off his unconscious opponent.

The controversial moment can be seen within the video above.

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