Shirtless 41 Year Old Vitor Belfort Emerges Ahead Of Weekend UFC 224 Bout

Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort is readying for his final UFC fight this weekend when he faces Lyoto Machida at UFC 224.

After a storied career that guarantees his future hall-of-fame status, Belfort will go out in Brazil, where it all started for him.

Surprisingly after a lackluster middle of his career, Belfort returned to the UFC after a stint fighting abroad, and once against dominated nearly the entire roster, including being the only man to ever come close to finishing Jon Jones.

This late resurgence was during the TRT era though, and ever since the ban on therapeutic use exemptions, we’ve seen the freakishly massive Belfort turn into an average 41 year old man who happens to be a professional ass kicker.

Here’s the final shirtless Vitor Belfort emerges on fight week post.

Check it out:

Always with my friend Zenia taking care … We are ready !! Always with@zeniabelfortwatchful eye We are ready !!

It’s been fun Vitor! Oouss!

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