Watch Cat Zingano Make Grown Soldiers Cry During New Trip To Base

UFC women’s bantamweight Cat Zingano recently decided to offer her some support to a group of U.S. Marines. In the end, the fighting phenom ended up showing off her striking skills with a few choice participants.

In the video above, Cat Zingano can be seen kicking a series of Marines in their legs. The participants each take a turn seeing who can withstand the most kicks, leading to rather entertaining video.

“And another one… Time well spent with the @marines at Miramar the #101daysofsummer event today. You chop one of them, they all line up hahahaha! Happy to be part of keeping the mental and physical health (the irony) education for these fine gentlemen and ladies. #semperrideselfie #CriticalDays #usmc #weareallfighters”

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