Why Did Darren Till Miss Weight? His Pregnant Girlfriend Was Hospitalized, That’s Why

Ahead of the biggest fight of his promising career, Liverpool’s Darren Till missed weight on Saturday, forcing the UFC to fine and add a special fight day weight stipulation for him.

Till made the required fight day weight on Sunday, making his bout official. He will be fined 30% of all money received in today’s main event.

Up until now though, we didn’t know why Till missed weight. At the time of the weigh-ins, it was only revealed that a family emergency prevented him from finalizing his weight cut.

Now, in a new tweet, it’s been revealed that Till’s pregnant girlfriend was hospitalized with an emergency, right while Darren was in the middle of his cut down to welterweight.

A good reason.

Nick Peet of the U.K. Media spilled the beans on twitter:

Backstage @darrentill2 just said: “I offered him 100% of my purse.” Reveals pregnant girlfriend is in hospital still. “But I take full responsibility for not making weight!”

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