After Being Accused Of PEDs, Romero Issues The Perfect Response To Robert Whittaker

UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero and reigning champion Robert Whittaker recently through down for a highly anticipated rematch. Following the fight, Whittaker went on to allude that his opponent was potential using performance enhancing drugs. Now Romero has come forward with a response.

Whittaker earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent in their first fight. Having had their rematch at UFC 225, Whittaker earned a split decision victory over his opponent.

The reigning champion went on to claim that Romero’s physical improvements since their last fight was “nothing more than magic.”

“He’s a top caliber athlete, but for him to come back the way he did and for him to feel so differently and to perform so differently than he did a year ago…let’s not forget, I have fought him before. I have experienced his shots. I have experienced landing shots on him. I have experienced him, fighting him before.

“For him to make those changes physically and athletically in a year, at the age of 40, I’m leaving that down to nothing more than magic. I can’t see you jumping on a special diet filled with kale and good fruits and performing like that.”

Taking to Instagram, Yoel Romero has now decided to offer a response. Check it out below:

“#usada make a mistake and send this letter to me #iluhju #seeyousoonboi”

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