Miesha Tate Posts Official Belly/Body Update, 9 Days Out From Giving Birth

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has once again taken to social media. This time around, the mixed martial artist has decided to share a photo of her fighting form only nine days after having given birth.

Tate recently gave birth to her first child. Over social media, the former title holder has kept her hoards of dedicated fight fans up to date through the recent months.

Now taking to Instagram, Tate has decided to show off her fitness just over a week after giving birth. Check it out below:

“9 days postpartum and feeling so good! I have to admit I’m really happy to not be pregnant anymore. I haven’t been cleared to start working out yet but I can’t wait! It’s true that your body has a memory and if you workout through your pregnancy you bounce back faster. I’m not where I once was but I will get there, right now I’m focused on my baby girl but I’m also happy to see the results of working hard and eating right throughout my pregnancy!”

Here is a bonus gallery of some of Tate’s other internet breaking social media posts:

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