Oh Snap! Colby Covington’s Met His Match, Now Even His Mom Is Getting Roasted

Newly crowned UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington has entered a heated exchange with BJJ phenom Garry Tonon over the internet. Now Tonon has fired back with a brutal response.

Covington seemingly fired the first shot when the fighter appeared on the MMA Roasted podcast and claimed he could submit Tonon, a five time Eddie Bravo Invitational champion, in a grappling competition. Taking to Instagram, Tonon has since fired back with a pair of retorts. Check them out below:

“Yesterday on MMA roasted @colbycovmma said he could beat me in a grappling match. Let’s see it happen, I only have one condition, Colby’s mama has to be there to wipe up the drool after ya boy gets SLEPT!”

“If I have the balls to call someone out, say they suck, and that I will submit them publicly, I’ll have the balls to prove it. @ColbyCovMMA does not, he’s a quivering infant who hides behind his words. He talks about being a great American, what’s so great about being a coward?”

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