RDA Finally Engages In Trash-Talking, Covington Wins

Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos is now set to face off against Colby Covington for the interim welterweight title. Following a bevy of trash-talking from “Chaos,” dos Anjos has decided to offer a few heated words of his own.

Rafael dos Anjos and Colby Covington are set to throw down on the live pay-per-view of UFC 225. The event will take place June 9 inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Covington has been dishing out his polarizing banter in promotion of the fight for quite some time now. But, dos Anjos has now decided to try some trash-talk of his own.

Speaking on the UFC 225 media conference call, dos Anjos stated:

“I grew up in Brazil in the favelas, man. Bullies, trash talking, doesn’t work with me. But I think Colby, he’s just trying [to be Conor McGregor]. Conor does it well. Conor, he’s a rich man, he makes a lot of money.”

“He’s a businessman, and I can respect that. But Colby, he’s just a worse version of Conor McGregor. He’s trying to be like Conor, but when he loses to me, his career is done. All he has is talk, nothing else.”

“Everybody saw him at media day in New York. When he sees people, he just sticks on his phone and he doesn’t even look around. This guy’s so fake. When he’s on the phone, he grows his balls. But on fight night, his balls shrink. I’m going to expose him.”

Of course, Covington has been dishing out heated trash-talk for some time now. Here is just some of the fighter’s latest social media tirades on dos Anjos.

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