Tyron Woodley Doesn’t Hold Back In Response To Colby Covington’s Sister

Colby Covington’s sister elected to make a few words concerning Tyron Woodley following her brother’s title earning win at UFC 225. Now Woodley has come forward with a statement of his own.

Colby Covington faced off against former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title at UFC 225 on June 9. In the end, Covington earned a unanimous decision victory for the title.

While Covington called out the reigning champion in his post-fight interview, the fighter’s sister shared a few words backstage as well. As seen within the video above, Colby Covington’s sister said:

“There are still gonna be haters, ‘Oh well you didn’t do this right, you didn’t do that right.’ Now we got a belt, now what do you have to say? Now we’re coming after Woodley, there’s no stopping us now. Absolutely not.”

Taking to Twitter, Tyron Woodley has now decided to respond. Check it out below:

“Bahahhahaha now ‘We’ and ‘A’ ‘Belt!! You guys have what we call the……’Boo Boo Belt’ and nice try big sis on deleting the DMs you sent trying to slide and getting shut down. Don’t worry I screen shot before you did. I’ll bring the to the presser.”

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