UFC Jumps On The NBA Bandwagon, But Roasts Vitor Belfort In The Process

The world of basketball featured another stunning game on Thursday. Now the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has elected to offer a quick message concerning the recent game, but dredged up MMA legend Vitor Belfort’s career ending knockout loss in the process.

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Golden State Warriors in game one of the NBA finals on Thursday, May 31. LeBron James attempted to lead the Cavs to victory, but the team ultimately suffered a loss to the Warriors.

The final score was 124-114. The official UFC Twitter account offered a quick statement on the matter, “‘I thought we had the lea–‘ Lebron:” The message was followed by a GIF of Vitor Belfort being knocked out by fellow former UFC title holder Lyoto Machida in dominant fashion from UFC 224.

Vitor Belfort retired from the sport of mixed martial arts following the loss. Check out the UFC’s brutal message down below:

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