Watch Bisping Absolutely Ridicule CM Punk For Being Such A Bad Fighter

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping made a return to the UFC on FOX desk over the weekend to offer his analytical view of the mixed martial arts promotion’s most recent fight card. Now a video of the former title holder going off on CM Punk’s octagon performance has made its way to the internet.

Former WWE superstar CM Punk made his octagon return at UFC 225 on Saturday, June 9. Facing off against Mike Jackson, Punk suffered yet another tough loss.

Following his unanimous decision defeat, Punk is now 0-2 in his mixed martial arts career. Speaking at the UFC on FOX desk, Michael Bisping had a few choice words for the former WWE star’s performance.

“This is the highlight of my analytical career, being able to break down this fight right here. Both gentlemen came in with an amazing record of 0-1. It was good. It was back and forth.

“CM Punk tried some things that have never been seen before. This guy is an innovator. These techniques are off the wall. They’re crazy. ‘They won’t work,’ I hear you say. Guess what? You’re right. They don’t work.”

Check it out within the video provided above.

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