Anthony “Rumble” Johnson Continues To Get Bigger, And Bigger, And Bigger … Here’s The Latest

Retired UFC title challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was one of the most feared knockout artists on the UFC’s roster, but he didn’t always start out that way.

Instead, “Rumble” started out his UFC tenure as a welterweight fighter, cutting his body mass in half to make that weight. Eventually Johnson would move up to heavyweight outside the UFC, before settling back into the light-heavyweight division, where he saw the peak of his prize fighting career.

Now, “Rumble” continues to put on mass, and is approaching professional body builder levels.

Here’ the latest:

I thought I had some good size on me since I’ve started training at @the_dragons_lair but realize that I was fooling myself after meeting this monster @shawstrength
6’8 400 lbs+
4x worlds strongest man #livinglegend
@aaronsingerman you guy’s linked up with the right guy for @redcon1
Now I know how @flex_lewis feels standing next to me

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