Corrupt Thai Police Extorted, Robbed, Then Jailed UFC Star Tyson Pedro

Two weeks removed from his second loss in the UFC, and rising Australian star Tyson Pedro is talking about what went down on fight week.

According to a new interview with Sporting News, Pedro endured the wrath of a real corrupt police force while in Thailand.

Here’s what he said:

“I had prescription medication on me and the police stopped me on my first day and tried to take all my money.”

“I went ‘you’re not taking all of that, I’ll be f***ed otherwise, so he said ‘you don’t speak about this’ and he took $500 Australian.”

“I rode back and I didn’t have a helmet and they stopped me.”

“They wanted me to pay them again. I said ‘I’m not paying – I’ve already paid that guy.’

“That’s the thing, they spotted me, because they were letting drunk as people ride straight past.

“So, I didn’t pay, and they took my ass to jail – 24 hours, no food. No water.

“We were in with an ice dealer who was about to get taken to the main jail, so I think he was about to get the death penalty or something.

“I had two meth-heads who were sick, scratching their faces and going off.

“It was disgusting – a tiny cell and just a s**t-hole.

“So I’m sitting there just thinking what the f**k, and I ended up sparring in my cell and we got in trouble with the cops again.”

“All I could think about was how I was going to win this fight with everything stacked against me.”

“Plus when I was in Cabo, in Mexico with Cowboy (Cerrone), my card got skimmed for $1000.

“I was getting f***ed left, right and centre in this whole trip, but all I could think about was how I was going to win this fight.

“I was in such a good place. I was the calmest I’ve ever been. Best mental state I’ve ever been in.

“But that’s MMA.”

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