‘D.C. has to leave a belt for us.’

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier made UFC history when he knocked out Stipe Miocic within the first round for the heavyweight title back at UFC 226. That being said, it would appear that light heavyweight contender GLover Teixeira is eagerly waiting for a chance to fight for the belt.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Teixeira revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“Definitely. Definitely. I’ve only lost to the best of the division, I’m always close to the belt. My last loss was to Alexander Gustafsson, who is the No. 1 guy to fight for the title now, and maybe we’ll have a rematch with Gustafsson down the line. Who knows, maybe it’s for the belt.”

“We can do that in Brazil, in Sao Paulo. Make it for a belt, brother. Cormier has to make a decision if he will defend the heavyweight belt or the light heavyweight belt and leave one for us. He’s asking for a lot. Okay, you won both, congratulations, you’re f***ing awesome, but you can only keep one. Share the bread, man.”

“Everybody wants to know [if Cormier will return to light heavyweight]. We need to know that. Everybody is waiting for that, if he comes back or stays at heavyweight. You can’t eat the entire cake alone. That’s the truth.”

“I’ve thought about it before, but I have a good weight right now. I’d fight at heavyweight if it was against Cormier, of course. I want to fight him anyway. But right now, I have a good weight, so I’ll stay at light heavyweight.”

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