Daniel Cormier Shuts Down Romero Again … This Time ‘No Can Defend’

UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero has suffered two losses to now reigning champion Robert Whittaker. After suffering two missed weights in his last two fights within the division, the “Soldier of God” has decided to move up in weight to the light heavyweight division.

After making the move, Romero quickly called out UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight two-division champion Daniel Cormier.

“@dc_mma Congratulation to you for Saturday. I want to #seeyousoonboi give the people what they want to see Me and #iluhju 205 in New York”

Speaking on UFC Tonight, Daniel Cormier has since come forward with a response to the call out.

“Here’s the deal: I never wrestled Yoel Romero, but in wrestling he probably would have served me up. He’s one of the great wrestlers of all-time. But, you don’t fail a class and then get moved up a grade to the next one.”

“Chael Sonnen did that one time, but I don’t know what was going on. Chael has a way of doing that. Let’s just say that.”

“I don’t want them to take one of these belts. So I will defend it. I will defend the light heavyweight title if the right fight presents itself.”

Later taking to Instagram, Romero offered a vicious response to the message.

“The last time somebody “failed a grade and moved up a #class look like it work good @dc_mma #iseeyousoonboi #iluhju”

Daniel Cormier has now decided to offer a more heated response following the message. Check it out below.

“Hey @yoelromeroMMA here’s the difference between you and me: You’ve missed weight in your last two fights and I’ve won two belts in my last two fights. You’re also 0-2 in your last two title fights, boi #keepdreaming. And hey, get Malki off your Twitter. It’s embarrassing.”

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