Eddie Alvarez Reveals What He Was Thinking When He Hit Dustin Poirier With Those Illegal Knees

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez faced off against Dustin Poirier back at UFC 211. Poirier was seemingly winning the fight, when Alvarez managed to pressure his opponent against the fence.

From there, Alvarez unleashed a series of illegal knees to the head that quickly brought an end to the contest. The fight was ultimately ruled a no contest.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Eddie Alvarez has since come forward with his thoughts on why he struck Poirier in the moment.

“The funniest thing is when a commentator asks a fighter, ‘What were you thinking in there?’ I find that to be a funny question, because sometimes the fighter actually answers it and acts like they’re a lot smarter than what they are…The truth is that almost everything we do inside the cage is instinctual.

“There is no thought involved, no thought pattern, no anything. It’s an instinct, you do it and I did it. And that is what it is.”

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