Garbrandt Finally Reveals Why He Did Not Pull Out Of Last Dillashaw Fight

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt faced off against T.J. Dillashaw back at UFC 217. Despite the fact that “No Love” was plagued with a back injury ahead of the fight, Garbrandt persevered.

In the end, Dillashaw earned a TKO victory over his opponent within the second round for the title. Now the two fighters are set to throw down in a title fight rematch for the main event of UFC 227 on Saturday.

Speaking at the recent media day, Cody Garbrandt revealed why he chose to not pull out of their first fight, despite debilitating back issues.

“My money thing, I never wanted to have my motivation to be money, that’s not why I got into this sport, I got into it to be a world champion.”

“What can I do? I pulled out of the fight [for their first date in July]. I had a wife that was pregnant. I fought Dominick Cruz for $200,000 a year before that. I’m trying to buy a house, I’m trying to get insurance, all the things you’re thinking you made it, you’re a world champion and you’ve got all this f*cking money but we’re not, man. I understand you have to build your way up to it and it’s good, but, I couldn’t pull out.”

“Two weeks before the fight, I had to go to Vegas and get eight epidurals shot in my back so I could heal up and go to the fight week in New York. I don’t regret anything. I’m blessed, being able to be here with now. And I’m healthy and that’s the thing, I’m so excited to be here and speak to you guys, I’m excited to be getting into the Octagon.”

“You have to live life and now I have to take care of my family. That’s why you see all these fighters who want these money fights. You can’t blame them. They go in there and literally take years off our life. For what, $40,000? $50,000, some of these fighters are coming in 10 and 10 so, what, if they get their ass beat and make what, $10,000? It’s crazy, man. You’ve got NHL players and MLB players making millions and millions and millions and we’re the fastest growing sport in the world. Something’s gotta change.”

“I had a good fight, the pay-per-view did good at Madison Square [Garden], so I’m happy. I’ve some investments, I’ve got good people in my life managing my money. All I’ve got to do is win at the end of the day and the checks keep coming in.”

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