In Wake Of Fight Offers, D.C. Gets His Most Respectful Callout Yet… Then Responds

UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier earned the heavyweight title back at UFC 226, having knocked out Stipe Miocic within the first round of their match up. Since then, D.C. has received a bevy of call outs by his fellow fighters.

Taking to Twitter, light heavyweight Corey Anderson has decided to take a polite approach in asking for a fight.

“Yo @dc_mma , They said a win over me and Glover would earn a title shot..I beat em, media said you wanted Shogun and he lost, you told Gus off, and you already fought Volkan.. I’ll never “call you out” out of respect. But I’m 100% down to fight you. #UFC @ufc #letsdoit”

Now Daniel Cormier has come forward with a response. Check it out below.

“Ok , sure just find out when and where. I’ll be there. I always am!”

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