“It would be a sin for him to be locked up in his prime years”

UFC superstar Conor McGregor successfully landed a plea deal on Thursday that avoided any jail time or marks on the fighter’s criminal record. Rather, “Notorious” will simply have to perform some community service, take an anger management evaluation and pay some restitution.

Considering the fracas that occurred on April 5 left multiple people injured, many fight fans have come to believe that McGregor earned a rather lenient sentence. Speaking to MMA Junkie, Eddie Alvarez revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“Brock Lesnar just walked in here and got a world title shot. This is what’s happening. We have no control – the media, myself, the fighters, no one. There is complete control. The UFC says who gets the next title shot. I have no control of that; I beat the guys in front of me. I could dominate everyone. Doesn’t matter. The money fight is what’s always going to count.”

“It would be a sin for him to be locked up in his prime years, so I’m happy for him. It’s good for the MMA world.”

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