Romero Continues Twitter War With D.C., ‘Don’t Be Scared’

UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero recently revealed an interest in moving up to the light heavyweight division. Since then, the mixed martial artist has entered a Twitter spat with reigning light heavyweight title holder Daniel Cormier.

Now Romero has come forward with a new message for the champion. Check out the full exchange below:

“Hey @dc_mma what’s my record against AKA? If you no fight 205 stay heavy and god bless you. I know you know #iluhju #seeyousoonboi and no forget the #towel 206.2”

“Hey @yoelromeroMMA here’s the difference between you and me: You’ve missed weight in your last two fights and I’ve won two belts in my last two fights. You’re also 0-2 in your last two title fights, boi #keepdreaming. And hey, get Malki off your Twitter. It’s embarrassing.”

“I no understand why I 41yr old I no can fight with the younger guy that want to retire. First time is @bisping (god bless you and your family) now @dc_mma why? #iluhju no be scared meng”

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