Bisping Fires Back, Roasts Colby Covington For His “douche bag face”

Former UFC middleweight champion and interim UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington have not been getting along too well as of late. Now “The Count” has come forward with a new message concerning the interim champion.

It all started when Michael Bisping trash-talked Colby Covington after the fighter won his interim title back at UFC 225. Covington has since followed up with a mocking message over social media for the former champion.

“America: Living up to our word and making The British look stupid since 1776. ?????? @mikebisping #MAGA #GreatAmericanWinningMachine”

Speaking on his podcast Believe You Me, Michael Bisping has a new statement to make following Colby Covington’s recent visit to the White House. Check it out below.

“For one, you’re a big Trump supporter, good for you, well done. You went to the White House, well done. Let’s just be clear though, you didn’t go as the champion. Interim belt or not. You’re currently now nothing other than a regular UFC fighter and you only went because Dana White is close with Donald Trump. They’re friends, they’re buddies.”

“I’ve got to think that was part of the reason why [the visit happened]. It wasn’t a case of [Trump] sat and watched and went ‘oh my god, here’s this Colby douche bag face, that is doing these incredible things, we have to have him to the White House, we have to honor this great American’. No, it wasn’t that. He went running and when Dana stripped him, Dana said ‘don’t worry about it, we’re going to strip you but just to soften the blow, I’ve got you a President meeting, you can pop in for 30 seconds but don’t touch anything.”

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