Can She Do It? UFC’s Jessica Penne Takes On The Tight Pants, Big Butt Challenge

UFC women’s strawweight Jessica Penne often keeps her dedicated following of fight fans up to date on her latest ventures through social media. Now the talented mixed martial artist has taken to the internet to attempt a challenge from her friend and fellow UFC fighter Angela Hill.

Jessica Penne and Angela Hill are friendly competitors within the UFC’s women’s strawweight division. The two fighters even host their own podcast 2 Straws.

Well, taking to Instagram, Jessica Penne has now decided to attempt to fit into a pair of pants Angela Hill claims she saves until she is in fight camp to prepare for an octagon performance. Check out Penne attempting to get into the pants while out of fight camp within the video provided below.

“@angieoverkill thought I couldn’t squeeze my out-of-fight-camp-booty into her in-fight-camp-jeans challenge accepted #2straws #ufclincoln”

Here is a bonus collection of some of Penne’s other popular social media posts:

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