Dillashaw Responds To Boxing’s Gervonta Davis, And A Full Blown Feud Erupts On Twitter

After the successful defense of his UFC bantamweight title last weekend, TJ Dillashaw got the attention of boxing star Gervonta Davis.

Davis, who has been vocal about trying to get a UFC fight in the past, called out the champion on twitter, which resulted in a back and forth between the two fighters.

Check it out:

“I wanna fight the dude that fought Cody yesterday”


“How do I get my L’s in MMA?”

These remarks eventually got a rise out of the UFC bantamweight champion, who stated,

Bring it! I heard they were handing out belts after Loma left your division

Is this really you tweeting or it’s ya hoe John that tweet for you and loma

You wish it was someone else tweeting for me because you know you just put your foot in your mouth.

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