Garbrandt Bravely Opens Up About An Attempt To Hang Himself That Ended In A Stronger Relationship With God

Former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt is a mixed martial arts phenom, having put on a storied career within the sport. That being said, there was once a time when “No Love” was struggling in his life. Now the former UFC title holder has come forward with an emotional telling of his story.

In a recent interview with the I Am Second organization, Cody Garbrandt revealed that he once attempted suicide. However, his relationship to faith and his brother guided him to the man he is today.

“I was in a dark place – very, very dark place,” Garbrandt said, revealing that he once participated in a spiral of partying and drug use. The former UFC champion then revealed that he once attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself.

The fighter’s older brother walked in on the incident and saved Garbrandt’s life. From there, the fighter’s perspective greatly changed.

“It was a changing point for me in my life,” Garbrandt said. “That moment, that bond and that thing that we went through really, you know, brought us even closer. [We began] attending church services together. It was nice to be there with my big brother, worshiping God and growing towards Him. So that was a start of a growing relationship with the Lord through going to the church, through reading different books about the Lord and just kind of growing my relationship with Him on a spiritual level of speaking to Him daily.”

“Surrender is a foreign word to many fighters and was a foreign word to me in my life,” Garbrandt later added. “But there’s a time and place that you do need to surrender. And I’m always thankful that I’m able to surrender to Him. … There’s a lot of life events that I can look back on that He was with me. You know, sometimes He would be carrying me, pulling me, pushing me — [it was a] higher power, if you want to say. And that higher power was Jesus Christ. I always knew that He was with me.”

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