Is Ronda Rousey The Most Accomplished Female Athlete Of All-Time?

When Ronda Rousey was just a child, she was collecting medals around the world for her world-class judo prowess.

These judo skills would see her rise to Olympian, capturing a bronze medal in the process.

Rousey would then make a successful transition to MMA, where she quickly dispatched everyone she faced in route to a Strikeforce world title. And at the time, Strikeforce was the only belt that mattered for women.

On the back of Ronda’s dominance and popularity, the UFC would go on to launch an all-female division for the first time in company history. Ronda would go on to defend her belt a to a record number of times under the UFC banner, and her record still holds to this day, despite there now being four female divisions.

After her UFC career, Ronda has been nothing short of amazing in the world of pro-wrestling.

Taking to her new sport like a fish to water, Ronda Rousey already lays claim to her new championship reign.

Haters can hate all they want, but what more can Ronda really accomplish?

Here’s her own reflection of her accomplishments:

Is she the all-time female athlete GOAT? If not, who is?

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