Matt Serra Ousts His Brother For Inappropriate Behavior With 17-Year-Old Student

Back in 2013, UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra locked his brother Nick Serra out of their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gyms in New York. The two brothers were the first black belts under Renzo Gracie in the United States. Nick Serra would go on to offer a message concerning the matter over his Facebook pace.

While the post has since been deleted, it can be read here:

To My Students and Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I write the following, but I feel that it is best that you hear it from me. As many of you might have sensed, there has been an unspoken tension growing between my brother Matt and me over the last several months. Originally, it was my preference not to air our grievances and private business matters in public. However my brother has forced my hand by claiming that I am merely an employee and was never an owner of any of the Serra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academies or their affiliates. I have tried, in various ways, to contact my brother and resolve this situation, but under the cover of darkness he changed the locks of the Academies, generously stating that he “will arrange to have me paid for any outstanding time worked and will have whatever personal affects I have at the academy delivered wherever I like”. It is also for these reasons I have chosen to take an indefinite leave of absence from Serra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the academies that I co-founded with my brother, where I have taught thousands of students, and where I have trained for over 15 years. For the sake of my family, friends, and students and out of respect for the tradition that has been passed on to me from my Master Renzo Gracie, I have chosen to continue to teach in a more harmonious environment in which I can concentrate fully upon my students. For those of you who wish to continue training with me, I will be resuming classes at my longtime friend and Black Belt Tom Muller’s facility: Commack MMA, located at 6096B Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Best Wishes to All of You, Nick “Mad Monkey” Serra “Home is behind, the world ahead, And there are many paths to tread Through shadows to the edge of night, Until the stars are all alight.” J.R.R. Tolken

Now nearly five years later, Nick Serra has emerged on Facebook yet again.

“FirSt oFf… I wanT tO pUblicLy apologiZE fOr mY NegatIVe poSTs iN tHE pAsT 4.5 yEarS. My OldEr BrOtheR MATt lOckEd mE OuT oF oUR acADEMiEs, whiCH caUsEd mE tO hAvE a MEnTaL breAKdOwN. AgaiN I’M sOrRy fOr anYtHinG harMfUL I mAy haVe saiD tO anY FriEnDs,FamilY, anD stUDEnTs. SEe yoU aLl sOon. YOu’RE MAD MoNKEy”

Taking to the social media platform, Matt Serra has since offered a heated response in which the UFC Hall of Famer accuses his brother of “inappropriate behavior” with a 17-year-old student.

“Locked you out of the Academy’s?? I think you failed to mention your inappropriate behavior with a 17 yr old, breaking one of my students arms after he tapped out because you felt disrespected, showing up late as fuck for the whopping three classes I had you teach a week that is if you even showed up at all. I’ve been putting out fires from you from day one, your behavior constantly putting everything I built at risk and all because I was taking care of you. You’ve been attacking my character for the last 4.5 years and to be honest I’m just sick of it. You never put a dime into any of the schools and your work ethic is nonexistent, I took care of you all your life and this is my thank you?? I’m not angry, you’re sick and it doesn’t help that you have an idiot with his own agenda in your ear. This isn’t a back and forth, it’s a one time only response on here. I’m not looking for people to take sides and nor do I want any words about “family” and he’s my “brother” and yada yada…. nobody but the people closest seen what I been thru. Anyone friends with me on here wants to chime in than cool we will no longer be friends on here. Life is way too short for this type of negativity and I won’t entertain it, I have a beautiful family and students that I love and love me back…I’m a very lucky man. I truly wish nothing but the best for you. Drama and negativity I rooted that shit out of my life root and stem. Peace out”

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