Report: Brock Lesnar Looking To Combine UFC And WWE Work

Brock Lesnar is a UFC fighter once more.

The former UFC heavyweight champion must undergo drug testing by USADA for six months prior to his Octagon return, and he’s presently in the midst of their random drug testing program.

While he awaits his six-month term to conclude, Lesnar is still pro-wrestling for the WWE.

Now, it would appear as if Brock hopes to stay on both rosters going forward, not wanting to give up his slot in either sport.

Pro-wrestling insider Joe Peisich of the Fired Up podcast says he has the inside track on what Lesnar is trying to pull off.

“I’ll break some news,” the podcast host said. “Brock Lesnar last week had a meeting with Vince and the higher ups with WWE and he has told them that he wants to work with both.

“He wants to work with WWE and UFC. I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but if Brock does not lose the title at SummerSlam you could see him working for both WWE and UFC. Like I said, I don’t know how that works but he wants to work for both.”

Brock Lesnar, should he pass all of USADA’s drug tests, will face Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight world title. The bout is expected to go down very early in 2019.

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