The UFC Officially Offers Stipe Miocic A Return Fight

The most winning UFC heavyweight champion in history, Stipe Miocic was unable to keep his title when he faced off with Daniel Cormier.

Initially Miocic called for an immediate rematch, but Daniel Cormier is eyeing that pending Brock Lesnar fight as his final swan song.

With D.C. having seemingly moved on, the UFC has now apparently offered Stipe Miocic a fight against the rising Curtis Blaydes.

Check out the reveal:

I understand you’ve been offered the fight, I hope you can accept. @stipemiocic @ufc @mataleongmt I think it’d be a great edition to the 25th anniversary card #ufcdenver #heavyweightTings #letsscrap #keepingtherazorsharp #letsputonashow

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