These New Platinum Princess Photos Will Help You Through Your Word Day — You’re Welcome

Professional tennis player Danielle Nickerson first caught the attention of fight fans when she entered a quite public relationship with talented UFC knockout artist Mike Perry. Now Nickerson has gotten fans’ attention again with a new series of stunning social media photos.

Danielle Nickerson and Mike Perry’s relationship quickly grew in popularity among the mixed martial arts community, as both individuals are quite active on social media. Nickerson would go on to adopt a modification of the “Platinum” Mike Perry moniker, as the professional tennis player became known as “Platinum Princess.”

Nickerson was heavily involved in Mike Perry’s fighting career, as the tennis player would even be in the fighter’s corner. However, Nickerson and Perry have since broken up.

Still, Nickerson managed to enrapture the attention of the fight fan community through her prolific social media. Check out the latest series of stunning photos from the professional tennis player down below.

“She Photoshopped, I’m Photogenic”

“Don’t fall in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, but with the one who makes your world more beautiful”

Here is a bonus collection of some of Nickerson’s other popular social media posts:

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