UFC Legend Says White Fighters Get Cut And Bleed More Than Black Fighters

Mixed martial arts veteran and UFC legend Oleg Taktarov has put on a storied career within the sport of MMA. Through the years, the now retired fighter has faced off against and defeated some of the world’s toughest and most talented competitors. That being said, the veteran fighter is now making headlines for a controversial statement.

Alexander Emelianenko, brother to MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, recently faced off against Tony Johnson Jr. at WFCA 50 in a match that ultimately ended in a draw. Both fighters were ultimately cut up, bruised and bleeding from the intense three round war. Speaking in a recent interview, as provided by an undisclosed source, Oleg Taktarov offered his thoughts on the fight’s outcome.

“Did Emelianenko go to the hospital? White people’s cuts are 30 times more likely than blacks’ ones.”

“Draw is a very competent result. Johnson came for the money, not for the victory. He needed, as they say the Americans, controvercy, when some injustice or incomprehensibility happens… Then he is more likely to get a second fight. If he won and left, everyone would have forgotten him. But now the people are interested – will he kill Alexander (or Alexander him) next year.

“Alexander went to the hospital, but he was always taken to the hospital if there was a dissection. And the dissection of white people happens 30 times more often than in black men. They have a different skull. There are no angular bones, the skin is a bit different. And dissections are rare.”

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