With Two Year USADA Suspension Nearly Up, The UFC Has Finally Released Tom Lawlor

UFC light heavyweight Tom Lawlor failed a drug test back in 2016 and is now nearing the end of his mandated suspension. Now, however, it would appear that the mixed martial artist has been cut from the UFC roster.

Tom Lawlor failed a drug test for the substance ostarine back in 2016. The fighter was ultimately dealt a two-year suspension for the infraction, leaving the fighter ineligible until Oct. 2018.

Now, however, Tom Lawlor has taken to Twitter to claim that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has removed him from their roster.

Upon receiving his suspension, Tom Lawlor originally asked the UFC to release him from his contract. However, the promotion refused to do so.

Since then, Lawlor has moved on to a life within the world of professional wrestling. Well, it would appear that the UFC has decided to release Lawlor from his contract just months away from the fighter once again being eligible to compete.

Speaking to f4wonline.com, Tom Lawlor has since come forward with a statement concerning the matter.

“All things come to an end and it was inevitable that so would my time in UFC. Today I was informed that I will be released by the UFC despite my USADA suspension being nearly over and my previous requests for a release being denied. While the timing is unexpected, hopefully this opens the doors for me to continue with my mixed martial arts career as well as in the squared circle (squared circle is an old term for pro wrestling). Combat sports is one of my life’s great loves and I look forward to showing and sharing that with the fans as soon as possible.”

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