Chael Sonnen Goes On 12 Tweet Jon Jones Roasting Spree

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones earned a swift first round TKO victory over Chael Sonnen when they met inside the octagon. That being said, it would appear that the rivalry did not end there.

Voicing his opinion, Jon Jones recently revealed that he believes Chael Sonnen is the “worst trash talker” in the sport of mixed martial arts. Well, Sonnen has now retaliated with a series of heated social media posts for the former UFC title holder.

Check it out below.

“JonJon Heard your critique Forgot you were in the business; even as s spectator”

“JonJon You trash-talk about as well as you exchange insurance info after traffic accidents….”

“JonJon I treasure you As long as you’re around, I look like a clean overachiever”

“Jones’ Career One Big SIDE EFFECT”

“You spend more time on the shelf than a

“Turn your cel-phone off; USADA has GPS TRACKING”

“Jon Jones-Your career took a bump in the road…and then you tried to snort it”

“Jon Jones-I heard you are not allowed at your brothers football games because you tried to snort all the lines off the field”

“Jon Jones had the same game plan in and out of the Octagon–Hit and Run”

“Jon Jones is celebrating Labor Day just like he does every day for the past 3 years…by not working.”

“What’s more tainted than Jon Jones supplements? A: Fedor’s Pride Career”

“Fedor is such a white pasty lump that Jon Jones just tried to snort him”

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