Diego Sanchez Shares His Wisdom Of The Universe, And Keys To Staying Young And Fighting

Winner of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Diego Sanchez is a veteran competitor within the realm of mixed martial arts. Now the talented fighter has come forward with a few words on how he has managed to remain at the top of the sport for so many years.

As reported by MMA Mania, Diego Sanchez has now come forward with a few words on the longevity of his MMA career.

“That savage killer, you know, maybe that’s why God brought [Perry] on the team, because I needed to let that savage killer, the real ‘Nightmare,’ back out. This isn’t about shaking hands. This isn’t about showing respect. This isn’t about being friends. This isn’t about being the most respectful. This is about being the most vicious killer that you can in your mind, in your heart, in your training.”

“I’m getting back to me, me being Diego,” he said. “Call me ‘The Zen Master’, call me ‘The Nightmare.’ Call me ‘The Yoga.’ Call me whatever you want. The reason why I’ve been able to stick around this long in the sport is because I am an adaptive man. I continue to adapt. I continue to keep the mind open to different ways of how I can anti-age.”

“Naturally. I have been natural my entire career. My body shows it. Why am I around? It’s because I wasn’t like all those other guys that were cheating and doing juice, and doing growth hormone. I don’t have big old hands, and big old knees, and a big old forehead. No. I still look young. I still look like I did when I came into this sport.”

“It’s because I have found the ways, secrets, God has blessed me with the secret wisdoms of the universe, how to anti-age naturally with diet and nutrition and breathing. With meditation and prayer. This is why I’m around, and this is why at this point in my career, I’ve gotten back to that Diego with a little bit of that [Mike] Perry savage killer on the side.”

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