GSP Says He’s “Scared Of Everybody”

Georges St-Pierre vacated his UFC welterweight title four years ago following a close title defense against Johny Hendricks. Returning to the octagon at UFC 217, St-Pierre finished Michael Bisping for the UFC middleweight belt.

The French-Canadian fighter has since vacated the middleweight title after suffering a debilitating case of colitis. Speaking to Fansided, St-Pierre revealed the challenges of making another octagon return.

“In terms of coming back to fighting, you have to realize I have a lot more to lose than to win. Tyron Woodley wants to fight me because he has a lot more to win than to lose because if he beats me in terms of legacy, in terms of popularity, he has a lot more to win,” St-Pierre explained. “It’s not that I’m scared, actually, I’m always scared when I go fight, I’m scared of everybody but being scared is irrelevant because I’m going to walk the walk if I have to do it. I have to choose carefully what is my next move. For at this point I am with cementing my legacy it is not a straight line. I have to check what can I gain, what can I lose. That is why when I fought Michael Bisping it was a win/win situation from both sides. If I were to lose I lose but if I win, I win big so it was good. Fighting Tyron Woodley right now, now that he won his last fight it elevates his stock a little bit more but it’s still not a complete win/win situation for me.”

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