Side-By-Side — Conor McGregor At 145 vs. 170

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has competed within a series of different divisions. A former featherweight champion, “Notorious” is now stranger to 145 pounds. That being said, the Ireland native has competed as high as the welterweight division.

McGregor shocked the world when he knocked out Jose Aldo within just 13 seconds for the UFC featherweight title. Rather than defending the championship, “Notorious” went on to compete within different weight classes. Hitting 168 pounds, McGregor even competed as a welterweight before eventually earning the UFC lightweight title with a finish over Eddie Alvarez.

Check out a comparison of Conor McGregor as a featherweight and a welterweight down below.

Conor McGregor Weighing In At 145:

Conor McGregor Weighing In At 168:

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