‘UFC 228 Doesn’t Change The Fact That I’m The Greatest Ever’

Darren Till suffered the end of his undefeated streak over the weekend, as the talented mixed martial artist failed to achieve the UFC welterweight title. That being said, the Liverpool native is still confident he can become the greatest fighter this sport has ever seen.

Darren Till challenged UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley for his title in the main event of UFC 228 on Sept. 8, live on pay-per-view. Woodley made short work of his opponent, ultimately earning a submission victory in the second round.

Speaking in a post-fight media scrum, Darren Till offered his thoughts on the tough loss.

“It just hurts because I got there, I was nearly there to do what I set out to do, get that belt and be the greatest. I am still gonna be the greatest, I know that. I just spoke to Woodley backstage and he’s lost. Jon Jones has lost. Georges St-Pierre has lost.”

“All the greats have lost. That’s my first loss tonight and just right now I’m still okay, but I’m just upset. There’s no sugarcoating it.”

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