Dillon Danis Suffers Eye Damage, Believes To Have Concussion From Team Khabib Brawl

Team McGregor standout Dillon Danis has received more attention over the past 72-hours than in his entire life.

That’s because, as the world witnessed, Khabib Nurmagomedov attacked him cage side following Saturday’s UFC 229 main event.

In what will forever go down in history as “The UFC 229 Brawl”, Dillon Danis didn’t escape it without suffering injury.

According to the reliable third-party retelling of Danis’ condition following the brawl, UFC title challenger Brian Ortega offered the following insight.

Check it: (via TMZ)

“First I was like, ‘Damn, what are you doing here – especially alone?’ I was like, ‘This guy is a savage here.’”

“He was respectful. He said, ‘Hey man, you’re holding it down for the jiu-jitsu community. I admire you. I appreciate it.’

“He was cool about the whole situation.”

“He wouldn’t really tell me much. He was just like, ‘Yeah, man, (expletive) got crazy. These guys started throwing, I started throwing.’ One of his eyes was swollen. He was just like, ‘Yeah, man, I think they gave me a concussion, so he got down, too.”

“After that, he was going to walk out by himself, and I told my boy, I was like ‘Hey, man, make sure this guy gets out of here alright,’ because you know, there seemed to be some Russians in the club,”

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