Invicta Results: Felicia Spencer Takes Out Madison McElhaney

Invicta FC 22 kicked off with a featherweight bout between up and comers Felicia Spencer and Madison McElhaney.

Both fighters spent the first moments feeling each other’s power, before Spencer decided to pour on the pressure. Spencer rushed McElhaney against the cage, locking in a quick throw.

McElhaney quickly shot back up to eventually land a throw of her own. McElhaney was not able to get much done from the ground before the bell struck.

Feeling that she was on the wrong end of the first round, McElhaney fired off shots with effectiveness in the second round. Ultimately, McElhaney was pushed against the fence and brought to the mat by Spencer.

After a failed armbar attempt by Spencer, McElhaney made her way back to the feet and the two poured on the gas with a flurry of blows. Spencer managed to get McElhaney against the fence in the final moments of the round, allowing her to land some swift strikes.

Gassed from two intense rounds, the two fighters pushed their limits to maintain the fight’s frenetic pace. McElhaney and Spencer traded gassed blows for the first two minutes, before Spencer managed to cram McElhaney into the fence.

Spencer dragged McElhaney to the ground, getting the back of her opponent. Saved by the bell, Invicta FC 22’s first fight of the night went the distance.

Felicia Spencer def. Madison McElhaney via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)